• Cliffstone

    • 60mm
    • (3 x 7.5) : 0.1528 Sq. ft.,0.0142 Sq. mtr.
    • (3 x 9 ) : 0.1872 Sq. ft.,0.0174 Sq. mtr.
    • (7 x 14) : 0.6727 Sq. ft.,0.0625 Sq. mtr.

Cliffstone has a stony natural look that blends easily with the surroundings. Available in different earthen shades can be combined with other pavers to give a dramatic effect. This paver can be used in resorts, poolside, basket ball courts, drive ways, basketball courts, patios, resorts and amphitheatre.

These pavers are laid at random in different patterns. For paver designs and calculations get in touch with us.