25 Beautifully Designed Ecommerce Website Examples In 2022

Utilize the area below-the-fold to drive excited shoppers to the product categories that are relevant to them. A mega menu makes it easy for visitors to quickly reach any product category. The layout and design of category pages and product pages are simple, keeping the focus on the products and the photos. This site built on Shopify includes a dropdown navigation menu with a lot of options. Although there is a lot going on at this site, the navigation menu is effective at making the site relatively easy to browse.

  • Did you know that by 2024, it’s expected that smartphone purchases in the U.S. will increase to over $400 billion?
  • In this article, we’ll take a look at some outstanding examples of e-commerce web design, as well as some details that make these sites effective.
  • This is one of the most creative marketing ideas I’ve ever seen and is a great way to build a loyal following.
  • Shleps is a small ecommerce business that sells handmade footwear.
  • The company’s eCommerce platform reflects its branding with a light and clean interface.

The front page’s several banner images are laid out in a neat grid divided up by whitespace. The different banner sizes mix up the layout just enough to make it more interesting, but the viewer’s eyes never have trouble figuring out where to go next. As the viewer looks at the page, they’ll need some quick moments to pause and let their eyes rest as they absorb the information they just took in. If you don’t provide them with these moments of rest, they’ll get overwhelmed and turn away from your website. Your site’s layout is critical for giving your visitors a comfortable environment to absorb the information you’re presenting to them.

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Adding an email could potentially make the process more complicated for your customers, so I would replace it with a Contact Us form. For example, your customer support rep loves doughnuts more than anything else. Or your head of sales jumps on the table every time he or she makes a big sale. Don’t be too shy to include some offbeat details about your team.

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Cloe Cassandro shows how a bit of restraint goes far in creating a smooth user experience. Do you want to hit the beach decked out in swimwear not made in a factory? Cloe Cassandro offers beachwear with a conscience, handmade in Bali, with their ecommerce business. Most restaurants just throw up a website that has only a menu, location, and contact information.

Sign-in form design matters immensely for eCommerce sites, especially for small businesses. BirchBox knows their target audience perfectly — they are visually stimulated and enjoy seeing . I just wonder why I can log in using Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, but registration is possible only with the first two social media networks. Taking into account thatG+ is more dead than alive, only one means of registration is left. Use the advanced tools that filter search results like a pro. According toStatista, 63.4% of all web page views are made through mobile phones.

Porto: Ultimate Ecommerce Magento Theme

Chubbies has built a following of men who love short-shorts. The website design is key in that it evokes Chubbies’ brand values with captivating product photography and witty copy. The sidebar navigation, although different from most ecommerce website designs, presents a neat menu where shoppers can find their products faster and easier. Its ecommerce website design is full of great design elements. First off, it’s the fun patterns and squiggles you see at the top of its homepage. Notice that on the Shop page the glasses are alone without anything in the background.

e-commerce website example

In other cases, you can use the customer’s reason for abandonment to help identify and improve a problem with your store, cutting down abandonment in the future. Use lifestyle photos to help customers picture themselves using your products. Lifestyle photos show your products being used by people or kept in homes. The quality of your content is important, as you need to make customers understand why they need your products. You are a business and your customer is a customer; that’s not in doubt. In the spirit of showing your customers you see them as humans, not numbers, you can structure their entire shopping experience to reflect this relationship.

As mentioned before, with Pixpa, you get more than one option to put up an online shop. You can also integrate a killer blog, SEO crawl codes, social media integration, and more. Clean visuals, a simplified online how to create ecommerce website store, and precise categorization make for delightful user experience on this platform. Henry’s online store lets visitors vicariously experience human-free environments in all their natural colors and tones.

Finding Inspiration For Ecommerce Web Design

To start branding your online business, specify your target audience during the initial eCommerce website development stages. For optimal performance, place the shopping cart icon in the upper-right corner and display the number of items in the cart to help visitors keep track of their potential purchases. Start selling online by keeping your online store up-to-date with the latest eCommerce website design trends to prevent the site from looking outdated. This eCommerce store offers immersive digital spaces with 3D product displays.

Yes, thanks to tools like BigCommerce, Shopify, Zyro, and Wix, you can build your own ecommerce website without any technical knowledge. An ecommerce platform makes it easy to build your online store without any kind of technical knowledge or website design expertise. An ecommerce website is a website meant to facilitate purchasing products, making it possible to sell online. It usually has a product catalog with a page for each product, and a shopping cart that makes it possible for people to enter their billing and shipping information. The Mountain is another BigCommerce-powered website that was one of the finalists for the best overall design. They use a basic color scheme that allows the product images to really stand out.

The top level of navigation should show the set of categories that the site offers. Group products into categories and subcategories that make sense. Category labels work best as single words that describe the range of products, https://globalcloudteam.com/ so shoppers can scan through them and instantly understand what they represent. It’s best to user-test site navigation as much as possible for great e-commerce UX as it’s a key make-or-break feature of the site.

In terms of product presentation, Sandy Pratt’s website is bang on target. If you wish to grow your creative business as a photographer or a visual artist, an eCommerce store should always lie at the center of all your marketing strategies. This is because eCommerce websites have now become an integral part of the way we live, consume and earn our livelihood. Afends understands the composure that good design can have. We also love how Afends use an Instagram widget at the bottom of their website to display the latest Instagram posts from people who use their apparel.

e-commerce website example

Products range from an all-purpose folio with notepad, post-its, and pen, to creatively shaped paper clips. Christie Joyce is a wedding photographer who captures a versatile range of styles through her images. She also dabbles in food, portrait, fashion, and architectural photography. Clive Grylls is an accomplished photojournalist who specializes in capturing ‘conflict’ – between men, man, and animal, or man and the environment.

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A clear set of product categories, either in the header or sidebar section. A diverse selection of customer and logos reviews and testimonials can reach a broader audience by providing information that they can trust. The speed and convenience with which a customer can view the site is essential to the buying process. Effective conversion rate optimization tactics, used by B2C retailers, leverage these biases in design to sway purchase decisions.

It’s best to do your research depending on your niche before you launch an ecommerce site. For classic ecommerce website design inspiration, look no further than RYDER. Lego does a fantastic job of integrating their brand’s colors into the navigation. The bright yellow color stands out on the page and helps users spot the navigation bar easily. They also add a fun moving graphic with their logo that makes it visually attractive for their audience. Additionally, Pipcorn adds little nuances to their site that make it more interesting.

How To Build A Website That Gets It Right

Especially within the context of eCommerce, the best retail WordPress themes will ensure users can find relevant content quickly and easily. Selecting a simple theme with minimal distractions can often be a sensible way to go. Warehouse is a clean and responsive Prestashop theme which takes advantage of many advanced modules and modifications like rollover images, clean cart, sliders, and more. Warehouse is based on the Bootstrap framework which means your store will look good no matter what device your visitors are using. If you’re looking for cool and design-focused, then this is one of the best online store templates out there!

It uses clear copy that explains exactly what its product is, while highlighting social proof on the homepage via reviews and media mentions. It’s a clean and modern web design that exhibits the feel of the product and package that keeps you interested in buying. Another key website design best practice is how the brand incentives sales. It highlights free shipping on US orders of more than $50, as well as on returns and exchanges. The brand also offers a newsletter signup CTA incentive of a 15% discount, compelling customers to take action.

Drupal integrated with Drupal commerce offers unprecedented results that are highly secure, stable, create engaging web experiences and drive website traffic. Online shoppers expect frictionless experiences no matter what. When designing an e-commerce site, it is not just about building a website but creating an online shopping experience that will convert passive shoppers into paying customers. Designing an e-commerce site is not just about building a website to sell products but designing a pleasant online shopping experience. This comprehensive guide walks us through the best practices.

Creating calibrated CTAs that draw attention and can point consumers in the right direction will generate leads and raise profitability. Provide B2B buyers with different pricing ranges variations, pay-per-usage scenarios, or calculators to facilitate decision-making. B2B product information needs to be longer, more comprehensive and include a clear overview of integrations, capabilities and regulatory requirements. With a niche market and longer purchase cycles, B2B brands need to keep a steady pipeline of warm leads.

A Custom Store Protects You From Competitors

You can use color theory to identify which colors look good side-by-side for different purposes, and which clash and should never be placed together. The easiest reference for color theory is a color wheel, which shows primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. If you’re still not fully committed to how your brand will look, keep color in mind while designing the logo and other elements.

This simplicity reflects so well the nature of their skin care products. Nalen Ayurveda projects a naturalistic, healing vibe throughout their ecommerce store. There are so many different realms of ecommerce, as well as approaches to designing an online shop. We’ve collected 25 ecommerce website examples, all made in Webflow, who are doing things right in their own special way. These ecommerce website examples are sure to inspire you to design and build something great.

These aspects are crucial for making a lasting impression and providing a seamless shopping experience. Hold promotional events, like storewide discounts, limited-time group deals, daily countdown deals, and more. There’s no such thing as a customer that doesn’t love a bargain, and the additional time limit will create a sense of urgency that spurs customers to buy.

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It is an ecommerce shop selling different products, including pet, bathroom, and bedroom items, as well as phone cases and lawn signs. If you’re looking for a web design that merges the offline experience with the online experience, Smoke Haus is the right inspiration for you. It sells products like beef jerky and crackling pork shards. All products are arranged like they normally are in a brick-and-mortar butchery, giving the buyer a real shopping experience. With all of the products on its website, you’d expect it to be crowded. However, Home Science Tools made the website easy to navigate by adding several categories.

E-commerce is the sale and purchase of services and goods over the Internet. It’s convenient, available 24/7, searchable, global , cost-effective for sellers and customers, and doesn’t require much physical space. Fast growth plus relatively low market share means that there is still enormous opportunity for new players to outpace traditional industry leaders. Allow shoppers to add products to their cart without leaving the page they are on, by using a mini cart. It also allows them to navigate, discover, and add more products.

Start a business and design the life you want – all in one place. Below are some examples of eCommerce websites I most admire, because I think they have achieved the goal above—take a look. Stay ahead of the payments curve with blogs, support articles, webinars, white papers and more. From retail to SaaS to education — our platform serves any business — anywhere around the globe. Find out what SaaS platforms need to know about embedded payments at our webinar on September 20th.