Kerb Stone

Kerb Stone Terracotta R TerraCotta A Dove Grey R Dove Grey A Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Kerb Stone 300x300x100MM300x600x125MM450x400x100MM300x380x75MM Description text goes here These pavers are laid at random in different patterns. For paver designs and calculations get in touch with us.


Bullnose Terracotta Dove Grey Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Bullnose A : 195X100X35MM | Area 0.2152 Sq. ft., 0.0200 Sq. mtr.R : 200X95X35MM | Area 0.1829 Sq. ft., 0.017 Sq. mtr. Smoothly rounded edges on one side with an archaic stone finish on the other, Bullnose is great for spaces that need even-edged …

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Tecta Silver Grey Midnight Grey Enlighten Dove Grey Copper Leaf Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Tecta 150X150X60mm | Area 0.2422 Sq. ft., 0.0225 Sq. mtr. Aesthetically superior and structurally sound, Tecta surpasses its’ contemporaries in terms of strength to suit garage entrances, walkways, pathways, driveways, terraces, patios and other areas. Available in 4 …

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Slatestone Dove Grey Dove Grey Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Slatestone L : 245X245X60mm | Area 0.645 Sq. ft., 0.0600 Sq. mtr.M : 245X125X60mm | Area 0.329 Sq. ft., 0.0306 Sq. mtr.S : 125X125X60mm | Area 0.1679 Sq. ft., 0.0156 Sq. mtr. Slatestone has a rocky appearance and renders an earthy charm. This …

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Eco-G     Download Product Drawings  Eco-G 300X225X60mm | Area 0.7265 Sq. ft., 0.0675 Sq. mtr. Eco-G is to be used where people can walk on lawns. Eco-G allows the grass and other small weeds to grow in between the gaps that are a part of the design resulting in a beautiful green and white …

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Dastana Silver-Grey Enlighten Midnight Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Dastana L : 250X150X60MM | Area 0.4036 Sq. ft., 0.0375 Sq. mtr.M : 200X150X60MM | Area 0.3229 Sq. ft., 0.0300 Sq. mtr.S : 150X150X60MM | Area 0.2421 Sq. ft., 0.0225 Sq. mtr. Dastana, a recently introduced natural stone textured paver can render a sense …

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Bric Slab

Bric A Grey Dove Grey Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Bric A-B-C A : 260x130x60mm | Area 0.3638 Sq. ft., 0.0338 Sq. mtr.B : 192.5x130x60mm | Area 0.2340 Sq. ft., 0.0218 Sq. mtr.C : 67.5x130x60mm | Area 0.1290 Sq. ft., 0.0120 Sq. mtr. Disha’s new classic is here to stay. Available in three …

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Petro Teracotta Sand Yellow Grey Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Petro 230x145x40MM | Area 0.2475 Sq. ft., 0.0230 Sq. mtr.275x175x80MM | Area 0.3498 Sq. ft., 0.0325 Sq. mtr. Petro has an abstract geometric shape, which looks attractive with its zig-zag pattern. Chic and modern, these can be paved using a combination of colours …

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Cobble Stone C5

Cobble Stone C5 Dove Grey Dove Grey Dove Grey Dove Grey Dove Grey Dove Grey Previous Next     Download Product Drawings  Cobble Stone C5 60mm | Area 0.2012 Sq. ft., 0.0187 Sq. mtr. C5 (Cobblestone), one of Disha’s crowd favourites made in earthy colours & stunning designs, available in 6 shapes & sizes stands …

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Maple Sunrise     Download Product Drawings  Maple 185x179x40MM : Area 0.1926 Sq. ft., 0.0179 Sq. mtr.Maple, as the name suggests, resembles the red-gold maple leaves fall brings with it. The leaf-shaped pavers beautifully decorate areas such as walkways/pavements, precincts, patios, etc. These pavers have been designed in a way that they interlock and thus …

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