Groundwater replenishment is a major factor in the survival of life in all forms. Water is a renewable resource but only to a certain point. In conservation of water every drop counts.

Disha Pavers help in a great way to restore water and green your environment. It is a brilliant idea to keep the dust and dirt and let the water percolate or trickle down. These eco-friendly pavers enhance the greenery in the surrounding area as well as beautify the premises.


Disha has engineered pavers that allow rainwater to percolate into soil. Each Disha Ecoloc comes with a specially designed nib on the side that maintains space between two adjoining pavers, creating a path for water to flow in. Once laid, Disha Ecoloc pavers create a surface that restricts water logging to a great extent. The paving system allows the top soil of the earth to breathe.

These interlocking pavers can also accomodate sprinklers unlike concrete flooring. Laying a cable of wires will also not require digging up or breaking the pavement or parking area, instead the pavers can simply be lifted and kept aside. After laying the cable of wires one can go ahead with the laying of the base material then the sand and in the end the pavers can be replaced.