• Aspenstone

    • 200x200x40MM, 8x8 : Area 0.430 Sq. ft., 0.0400 Sq. mtr.
    • 200x200x60MM, 8x8 : Area 0.4300 Sq. ft., 0.0400 Sq. mtr.
    • 300X200X60MM, 12x8 : Area 0.645 Sq. ft., 0.0600 Sq. mtr.
    • 210x210x80MM, 8x8 : Area 0.4746 Sq. ft., 0.0441 Sq. mtr.

The fresh and warm hues of sunrise, terracotta, sand yellow, lilac, nut brown, mauve, grey, silver grey, dove grey, and midnight remain unchanged over time. Aspenstone’s rough surface makes it anti-slip and thus safe for your outdoors.

Please Note: Moody Maroon is available in the 60MM only.

These pavers are laid at random in different patterns. For paver designs and calculations get in touch with us.