• Dastana

    • L : 250X150X60MM, Area 0.4036 Sq. ft., 0.0375 Sq. mtr.
    • M : 200X150X60MM, Area 0.3229 Sq. ft., 0.0300 Sq. mtr.
    • S : 150X150X60MM | Area 0.2421 Sq. ft., 0.0225 Sq. mtr.

Its rough dimpled surface provides a distinguished appeal to make it well suited for expansive areas such as large driveways, patios, and courtyards. Available in three different sizes, Dastana can be very well coupled with other pavers to bring life to your outdoor spaces. Versatile with unrivalled durability, like all our products, Dastana too helps in groundwater replenishment due to the presence of nibs.

These pavers are laid at random in different patterns. For paver designs and calculations get in touch with us.