Disha Ecoloc Pavers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high quality pavers used for enhancing outdoor floors. Having constantly refined & improved the product spectrum by upgrading innovative design capability through research, Disha has ensured delivery of impeccable pavers including the exclusive natural stone texture finish. Manufactured using high-quality pigments and raw material, Disha pavers has emerged as the choicest element for landscaping designers and architects across the subcontinent. Disha is the only paver manufacturer to offer 9 surface textures in a range of 28 colours apart from the custom designs and colours as needed by designers/customers.


Yet another unique aspect of Disha Ecoloc Pavers apart from the eco-friendly paving system is the design spectrum, that is as original, fresh and appealing. Owing to international standard in product quality and finishing, Disha promises durability and long service life. Most eco-friendly Disha pavers have nibs to facilitate rainwater percolation for groundwater recharge. This way, the outdoors look exquisite without compromising with nature. The spaced-out laying pattern further helps to achieve this purpose.


If one has to alter the pavement e.g. lay an underground cable, pavers from the desired area can be removed, the cable laid and the pavers can be placed back.


Disha acknowledges climate change that is drastically changing the face of the earth. Most urban localities encounter water scarcity, which happens when the groundwater level decreases, a problem which is caused by widespread use of concrete. Large uni-concrete floorings restrict permeability through the surface of the earth, thus limiting the amount of water required to replenish natural resources. Disha contributes by devising solutions that allow water to seep through and recharge groundwater levels. This paving system can also accommodate sprinklers and wiring unlike uni-concrete flooring.


Sprayed water or rainwater flows into the ground through the gaps that are naturally created while laying Disha pavers. The unified paving structure that comprises of sand, stone dust, gravel and various sized rocks acts as a natural filter for the water which seeps through.

Salient Features

  • Allows cost reduction for building separate storm drainage systems, catch basins, etc.
  • Better utilisation of land for greater economic value.
  • Replacement of a single paver can be done without disturbing the entire pavement.


  • High flexibility due to laying method & size
  • Specially designed pavers can bear heavy loads including trucks, etc.
  • Pavers are capable of absorbing stress and therefore can serve a multitude of purposes


  • Standardised manufacturing process
  • High resistance to abrasion


  • Superior finish variety in colours and motifs
  • Best in class aesthetics