Bric A

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 Bric A-B-C

A : 260x130x60mm | Area 0.3638 Sq. ft., 0.0338 Sq. mtr.
B : 192.5x130x60mm | Area 0.2340 Sq. ft., 0.0218 Sq. mtr.
C : 67.5x130x60mm | Area 0.1290 Sq. ft., 0.0120 Sq. mtr.

Disha’s new classic is here to stay. Available in three shapes, Bric A-B-C pavers dominate spaces with a snazzy look. The grey in contrast with the subtle earthy tones lends an ultra-modern appeal to laid spaces viz. house, office, pathways, walkways, driveways or patios. Toughness loaded with utmost visual pleasure is what Bric A-B-C brings to the outdoors.

These pavers are laid at random in different patterns. For paver designs and calculations get in touch with us.